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Old 27th September 2009, 02:53 AM
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Default Seed Bank Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Seed Bank program, members agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein...

No. 1

You agree that you shall not and will not hold PetPitcher or the Seed Bank Manager responsible or liable for any seeds lost/stolen/damaged/delayed/undelivered/confiscated while in transit. Once the seeds leave the hands of the Manager, the Seed Bank or the Manager cannot be held responsible or liable for any lost.

No. 2

The Seed Bank does not exist to make money for PetPitcher and members may not benefit financially from the Seed Bank. The seeds offered to you is below market value. You are not allowed to resell the seeds that you acquire from the Seed Bank for a profit. However, you may distribute the seeds to carnivorous plant enthusiasts.

No. 3

We may not be able to mail the seeds into some countries due to government laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to advise/inform the Seed Bank Manager of the laws and restrictions in your country to avoid breaking the law. By participating in the Seed Bank program, you agree to be held responsible if any laws are broken with regards to importing seeds into your country.

PetPitcher and the Seed Bank Manager cannot be responsible for monitoring and obtaining updated information about the laws in your country. There is simply too much work and responsibility for the Seed Bank Manager to handle. The Seed Bank is managed by a volunteer who has a day job and limited time.

As a general rule, CITES Apendix 1 category plant seeds cannot be mailed across borders without CITES permits.
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