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PetPitcher Seed Bank A non-profit member only seed exchange program

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Old 27th September 2009, 02:51 AM
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Default Request for Seeds


The Seed Bank is close until further notice.

The Seed Bank shall not receive any seed donations and seed requests with immediate effect. Donors who still has seed credits with the Seed Bank may utilise their seed credits until 31 July 2010, after which the seed credits will be cancelled.

Members will be notified if further changes or decisions are made, or if the Seed Bank starts operations again.


1 packet of seed = RM3.00 inclusive of packing/postage (Withinn Malaysia)
1 packet of seed = RM4.00 inclusive of packing/postage (Outside of Malaysia)

Please note that there will be no discounts on the price if you collect personally from the Seed Bank.

Since the Seed Bank charges a flat rate for seeds of all genus and species, the quantity of seeds in each packet will differ depending on how rare or how long the seeds have been kept and how difficult to obtain.

Money collected will be utilised for the following purpose:
- Pay for packing and mailing cost
- Pay for financial charges to transfer money
- Donated to conservation activities/causes

A profit and loss account together with a record of transactions carried out by the Seed Bank will be kept and made available monthly to Advisors and Administrative Members in the Advisor's Discussion Board.


Post Count Quota

We do not charge registration/membership fees for using the Seed Bank or the forum but we do ask that members contribute by participating in the discussions on the forum. All members must have at least 5 posts on the forum before they can start requesting for seeds. This is also to appreciate members who has been contributing on the forum.

Yearly Quota

Each member has a quota of 30 packets of seeds a year. This quota will be increased when the Seed Bank grows in tandem with member's support and participation in the program.

Species Quota

Each member may only request 1 packet of each species for every order. Request for the same species can be made after a 1 month period. This is in line with the Seed Bank's objective to make available affordable carnivorous plant seeds to more enthusiasts and to help you start your personal collection. However, the Seed Bank Manager will approve your request if you require more seeds for educational purposes or for conservation including any other reasons that the Seed Bank Manager thinks is good enough.


Step 1

Make sure you have more than 5 posts on the forum. Read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

Step 2

Select the seeds you want from the Seed Bank Database.

Step 3

Personal Message (PM) your request to the Seed Bank Manager with the following information:

- Private Message title text: Seed Request
- Real name
- Mailing address
- Seed request list
- Which payment option you would be using

Step 4

Wait for the Seed Bank Manager to confirm your order.

Step 5

Once confirmation is received, make payment to the Seed Bank. Please notify the Seed Bank Manager once payment is made.

Step 6

Check the Seed Request Status Report database to find out when your seeds will be sent out.


Mailing will be done in batches every Monday. If a delay occurs, members will be duly notified via the Seed Request Status Report database. We will try our best not to miss the Monday deadline, but if we do we humbly ask for your patience and seek your understanding in the matter.


Seeds mailed out to members will have information on the genus/species name, date/month the seeds were collected, approximate number of seeds in the packet and any comments about the seeds if any.

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